Work Tracker

Martin Večeřa

Track all the work in one place. Plan the costs and capacities.

Have one place where everyone on the team can log their work, even if they work on multiple projects. Do the cost and capacity planning based on historical data and provide reports to your customers.

Log the work

Every team member logs their work for every project.

Manage the workload

Comprehensive reports allow you to see both the bottlenecks and the reserves.

Calculate the costs

See how much the work costs you – by month, by employee, by project.

Detailed Description

Managing multiple projects with countless deadlines, team members switching between projects even several times a day, increasing client demands and strong competition is a challenge for even the most talented project manager. This Project Work Tracker project template, useful for startups, small businesses, product and project managers, freelancers, consulting firms and more, can make almost an unlimited number of projects and employees manageable.

You can use this template for projects of all types and sizes. In real time, you can monitor employees time spent on individual projects and make sure the investments stay within profitability. Various charts provide an insight on which projects are most valuable and which should be rather abandoned.

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