Wedding Planning Template

Martin Večeřa

Everything you need to plan your perfect day.

Plan your literal fairy tale wedding with this Wedding Planning template. Manage venues, guests and vendors lists, track invitations and RSVPs, control budget, create to-do lists for bride, groom and planner, collaborate on song lists and seating arrangements and more.

With various preconfigured views, you can get an instant and up-to-date agenda accessible to our bridal party.

Are you familiar with the wedding acronyms? See the glossary.

This template contains detailed wedding day plan, to-do list, seating arrangements, vendor tracking, must have photos, music list for DJ, complete checklist, budget tracking, and invitations management.

The Arrangements

Determine how much money you have to spend on your ceremony and reception, based on your families’ contributions and your own.

Then pull off an unforgettable ceremony and reception with our comprehensive wedding checklist.

wedding planning budget and checklist

Estimate the head count and track all the important information for your planning process like contact, addresses, RSVPs, gifts, and any other relevant info. See them all at once in a table, or use the detail view.

wedding planning invitations detail

Track the precise seating order with easy moving between the dining tables using connected tables.

wedding planning template seating order

It All Gets Moving

You can never absolutely eliminate risks. But you can get ready for them!

Have all the vendors and what they are contracted for at hand so that your bridesmaid can easily contact them in case of a trouble.

wedding vendors

Make sure that all the arrangements are taken care of and ready in time. The board view helps you get an instant overview.

items to pickup, deliver, arrange

And then just execute the day precisely according to the schedule. So that everyone knows what, where, and when should do. You whole wedding day in a single calendar.

wedding planning template

Do You Have All the Pictures Taken?

Make sure you have all the photos you wanted and that the right music was played.

photos to take
music to play

Are we all set? Check the overall budget and payments in a pivot table.

wedding budget

Make your “Day Of” one of the most beautiful experience in your life with this wedding planning template.

Try the Template

Try the template right here1).

1) Some of the functions are available only after a registration.

Wedding Planning Template Integrations

Due to Zapier integrations it is possible to connect your wedding planning project with the tools you already use – Dropbox for file sharing, Asana or Trello for tasks planning, TextMagic for SMS notifications etc.

Best suited for

Company size: individuals, wedding agencies, wedding venues, anyone in the wedding industry

Team size: 1-30

Project complexity: detailed wedding day plan, to-do list, seating arrangements, vendor tracking, must have photos, music list for DJ, complete checklist, budget tracking, and invitations management

Industry: individuals, wedding industry – agencies, hotels, florists, photographers, DJs etc.

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