Using chart view

Alica Kačengová

Chart view allows you to view and manipulate the data in a visual way.

Available types of charts

When creating a chart, you can pick one from the following in the first dropdown in chart settings:

  1. Bar chart
  1. Line chart
  1. Bubble chart
  1. Pie chart

Configuring the dataset

Choose which attributes are going to be displayed on X and Y1 axes. 

It’s also possible to set up Y2 axis.

Sometimes it’s useful not to display the value of the record itself, but the values of the linked records (see Table view to read more about table links). 

E.g. instead of displaying progress for the objective, we may want to see progress of all of its key results. Therefore we set up the Key result as a Y1 dataset.

Manipulating the data

You don’t need to go back to the table if you need to change the displayed data. Just drag the values in the chart and they will be automatically updated.

Note: It’s not possible to manipulate values in columns which have their values calculated by a function or a rule.