Candidates coordination

Martin Večeřa

Find the right people. Provide them with first-class experience.

Find the best candidates for the jobs and ensure they have the best experience interviewing with your team.

Keep track of the positions

Collaborate with your team on the data about the positions, so that you all have a single source of truth.

Don’t miss any deadlines

Use pre-defined Calendar and Timeline Views to plan and see the upcoming events.

Manage the applicants

Store the information about applicants, interviews and tests, all in one place.

Detailed description

Recruiting can be chaos even without having to dive in a hard-to-use, inflexible applicant tracking software. It’s easy to let things fall through the cracks.  This candidates coordination template removes friction from moving someone through the process so that you can deliver the best experience both to the candidates and to you hiring managers.

The candidates coordination project lets you track your job openings, hiring managers, candidates, their  skills and applications, interview results, communication actions and more.

Pre-configured views allow you to easily search for candidates who are in an active pipeline and where you need to make a contact soon. You can even evaluate entry tests and offload work off your hiring managers.

You can simply manage the entire hiring process on a single place,  whether you’re a small business recruiting a few new members to the team, or an HR department running a high velocity recruitment process with hundreds of job openings.

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