Timelines (Gantt Chart) View

Martin Večeřa

The Timelines (or so called Gantt Chart) is an exceptionally powerful type of view because it allows us to see 7 various attributes of every single record/row/item.

The displayed items can be tasks, resource utilization (e.g. hotel room bookings), planned events etc.

There are even ways to display more than 7 attributes as noted below. What we can see at once and how we can update the values in Lumeer?

Item description (e.g. task name) – can be updated in a detail dialog opened by a double-click.

Start date – can be updated by a mouse drag and drop.

End date – can be updated by a mouse drag and drop.

Progress – can be updated by a mouse drag and drop.

Color (e.g. task state) – can be changed automatically upon reaching 100% progress or in the detail dialog.

Hierarchy or dependencies between items, displayed as links – can be updated by mouse dragging.

Categories or swimlanes – in theory there can be an unlimited number of categories and sub-categories (adding additional displayed attribute values) – can be changed by dragging items between categories.

A new item can be added by a single drag and drop in an empty space on the timeline.

For your convenience, you can also change the displayed granularity as days, weeks, months etc.