Timelines View (Gantt Chart)

Martin Večeřa

The Timelines view (or so called Gantt Chart) is an exceptionally powerful type of view because it allows us to see 7 various attributes of every single record/row/item.

Timelines View is typically used to display:

  • tasks,
  • projects,
  • orders,
  • resource utilization (e.g. hotel room bookings),
  • planned events etc.

There are even ways to display more than 7 attributes as noted below. What we can see at once and how we can update the values in Lumeer?

Item description (e.g. task name) – can be updated in a detail dialog opened by a double-click.

item edit

Start date – can be updated by a mouse drag and drop.

End date – can be updated by a mouse drag and drop.

Progress – can be updated by a mouse drag and drop.

timelines view move around

Color (e.g. task state) – can be changed automatically upon reaching 100% progress or in the detail dialog. Timelines view can work with selection, checkboxes, colors, and progress attributes.

color change

Hierarchy or dependencies between items, displayed as links – can be updated by mouse dragging.

timelines view links

Categories or swimlanes – in theory there can be an unlimited number of categories and sub-categories can be changed by dragging items between categories. Btw. Timelines view can add any number of category attributes.

timelines view drag features

A new item can be added to the Timelines view by a single drag and drop in an empty space on the timeline.

edit item detail

For your convenience, you can also change the displayed granularity as days, weeks, months etc.

timelines view granularity

The Gantt chart is demonstrated in its entirety in the Remote Work template for example. Give it a try today!

Integrations allow synchronization with other planning applications.

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