Project Templates

Martin Večeřa

Select the template that best matches your use case. This is just a starting point, you can customize it to fit your exact workflow and needs.

Decide what’s important for your team. Use columns to capture and visualize all the info you need. Track tasks and time, see who’s in charge of what, mark locations, add text, numbers, durations, dates, colors, tags, and much more.

Invite your team, assign work items to them, and let them fall in love with the irresistibly visual and fully transparent tool. Keep all your projects, tasks, clients, orders, invoices, offers, files, briefs, checklists, etc. in a single place and save useless meetings and painful email threads.

See all the Templates.

Save one day every week. Guaranteed.

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We analyzed the time saved by our users when they switched to Lumeer. That is more than 52 days every year!

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