Task Tracker

Martin Večeřa

Plan the work. Keep track of the progress.

No more tasks will ever be missed when tracked and organized in Lumeer.

Manage the tasks

Associate the tasks with the activities and assign the people (or remove the column if you use it just personally).

Track the progress

With all the tasks in one board, it’s easy to see the status and the bottlenecks.

Produce detailed reports

How much tasks are done? How quickly? With which priority? Use pre-defined reports to answer those questions, or create your own.

Detailed description

Itching for a better task tracking process? This task tracking system is ideal for any fast-moving team that needs a collaborative task tracker to keep the momentum. Being cloud based and eminently flexible, it’s especially useful for software development teams who employ an agile development process or who want to build a custom workflow to better align with the intricacies of their product.

Use this task tracker with your team members to easily track any project progress.  Filter by priority to see the most critical tasks first, or by status to see where progress is being made. Or, try filtering by activities to see what customer cases can be planned for the next stakeholder presentation.