One task management software for all your needs.

Lumeer helps you to manage your tasks in an easy visual way.

Get organized fast

Assign owners to new tasks, prioritize each item, set due dates and more – all in a simple, colorful platform.

See the bigger picture

Get a high-level overview at a glance and make smarter decisions, faster.

Set smart notifications

Get notifications and reminders for the tasks that matter most and never miss another important deadline.

Get work done

Keep all your tasks in the same place

Lumeer’s task management software is the one source of truth for your team tasks. No more switching between endless excel files!

Organizing anything

Track your team’s progress

Who is available? How many tasks have been completed? Do we meet the deadline? It’s all in Lumeer work management platform.

Meet the deadlines

Set due dates and never miss a deadline

Manage your weekly tasks, receive notifications two days before that important presentation is coming up and receive an automated email when a task is complete.


Pick a template, make it all yours!

Project Management Guide – Free DownloadDownload How to Avoid Risks in Common Project Management Methodologies, including interactive checklists.
Save one day every week. Guaranteed.

Book a demo to see how.

We analyzed the time saved by our users when they switched to Lumeer. That is more than 52 days every year!

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