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The AI Trends in Supply Chain Management
The Death of Supply Chain Management The supply chain is the heart of a company’s operations. To make the […]
Martin Večeřa
15. 6. 2019
Project Tracker
Keep all your projects in one place. With a single source of truth, you and your teammates will always […]
Martin Večeřa
17. 5. 2019
Work Tracker
Have one place where everyone on the team can log their work, even if they work on multiple projects. […]
Martin Večeřa
16. 5. 2019
Supply Chain Management
Track the flow of inventory through vendors, depots and stores. With all the information in one place, your team […]
Martin Večeřa
16. 5. 2019
OKR Tracking
Set your objectives, their measurements, and initiatives moving you in the right direction. You can track your progress and see how things are getting done.
Martin Večeřa
13. 5. 2019
Energy Management
Energy, not time, is the fundamental currency of high performance. Set your goals Writing down your goals is the […]
Martin Večeřa
12. 5. 2019
Sales CRM
Take your customer relationship management to the next level store. Store, track and share all the information in one […]
Martin Večeřa
13. 4. 2019
Budget Planning
Managing the budget is hardly the part of starting a new business that gets small business owners up in […]
Martin Večeřa
9. 4. 2019
Inventory Tracking
As the person in charge of inventory management at a small business, startup or growing firm, you probably have […]
Martin Večeřa
8. 4. 2019
Task Tracker
No more tasks will ever be missed when tracked and organized in Lumeer. Manage the tasks Associate the tasks […]
Martin Večeřa
4. 4. 2019