Table View

Martin Večeřa

A Table View can display your data (records) in a tabular form like you are used to from Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

It is an ideal place to get your data into shape after importing them from a CSV file.

table view

In addition to basic spreadsheets, Lumeer can link tables together or set column types. To make sure your data have the format as expected.

The number of tables linked together is not limited. However, for a meaningful usage, we recommend using maximum of three or four linked tables in the Table View.

table view manipulation

A table support hierarchies and advanced filtering using the query bar at the top. Columns can be dragged around, or completely hidden.

There is a possibility to add columns between two linked tables. This means that the values are stored within the connection between two lines.

A typical example for that is a table with orders and a table items in the warehouse. For every order, we need to specify the number of particular items. This goes on the link between the two tables.

Moreover, Lumeer understands the meaning of data in individual columns. That way, the application offers you the right tools to work with data in a meaningful manner. For example to group date values by month and year.

For en example of how to use tables, have a look at the Work Tracker project template.

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