How to: Share Views

Alica Kačengová

You are not all alone. The true power comes in a team. You can share views with other colleagues in your organization, and you can also decide how much control to give them over the data.

Views can give other team members access to data (or tables) they even would not normally see.

Share Your View

To share any view, open the view and click on the Share button next to the name of the view to open the share dialog.

In the share dialog, you will see a list of users who already have access to the view (see User roles to learn more). They are able to enter the view directly from Lumeer or they can open it from the link.  

share view dialog

To share the view with a new user, type in their email and set roles for them (e.g. we chose read in the animation). The user will be added to the organization and will receive an email invitation to Lumeer.

share views with new users

Share Views with the Right Access

When you share views, you can select from the three levels of access rights.

  • A reader access (the book icon) allows the user to see all the data in the view. They will see all the data that meets the search query of the view. A reader cannot change the existing query. They can only add further restrictions to filter the data even more.
  • A writer access (the pencil icon) allows users to read and write all the data in the view. They can add new rows and modify existing rows. Similarly as with the reader access, they cannot change the view query.
  • A creator (sometimes called manager) access (the cog icon) give the user a full control over the view. They can read and write data, modify the query, rename the query or further share it with other users.

See How to add a guest to the project? for more information about how to share a limited subset of the data with the users.