Search for Stored Data

Martin Večeřa

The search box at the top of the screen in Lumeer work like Google for you data. You can use it to specify what table and records (also called rows or items) you want to work with.

You can also specify links there and work with multiple connected tables at the same time.

For filtering of data, Lumeer understands the meaning of stored values and can offer advanced filters like:

  • current user for a column with users (emails)
  • last/this/next month, week, day etc. for date and time fields
  • starts with, ends with, contains for text fields
  • advanced set operators for selections – has some of, has none of, has all, in, empty, not empty
  • comparison for numbers, percentages and duration
  • fulltext

You can find inspiration in 4 real-word use cases of advanced filters.

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