Scrum Project Planning Template

Alica Kačengová

Rapidly deliver products that your customers will love.

By taking an agile approach to the project planning, you let the customer needs direct your tasks and work. By tailoring your product to focus on the user, you waste less effort on irrelevant or unnecessary work than you do with traditional approaches. The Scrum project planning template will lead your steps in the right direction.

Switch from traditional project planning to something more agile – to Scrum. See how using the Scrum framework improves your team’s output.

Even if you don’t want to adopt the entire Agile manifesto, shifting your workflow to incorporate aspects of Scrum is a good idea for virtually any team.

This template combines sprint planning, user stories, tasks and a calendar of activities (retrospectives, stand-ups etc.).

Plan the work

Hand it off to the scrum master to build your next sprint, schedule stand-ups for your team, and make a note of user stories for future sprints. All in one easy to use scrum project planning template that is easily shareable with your entire team.

Manage the sprints and plan the work for the upcoming one using connected tables.

sprint planning in Scrum Project Planning Template

Track the progress

Every sprint begins with choosing and prioritization of the tasks from the backlog. The sprint takes a certain amount of time, and ends with a retrospective – a meeting where the team reflects on its work and begins to make preparations for the next sprint.

Everybody tracks their tasks on a single Kanban board, so that the whole team can always see the current status.

tasks planning in Scrum Project Planning Template

Keep an eye on your velocity

Stand-ups are designed to get a job done quickly. Some teams like to do them every day during a sprint. Some teams prefer to do them once a week. It is up to you and your team. Either way, you can easily support your decision with data.

Lumeer automatically calculates your team’s velocity and serves you a comprehensive chart report.

velocity in Scrum Project Planning Template

Use Scrum project planning template to your advance now!

Try the Template

Try the template right here1).

1) Some of the functions are available only after a registration.

Scrum Project Planning Template Integrations

Due to Zapier integrations it is possible to connect your project tracking with the tools you already use, like Asana, Jira, YouTrack, Basecamp or Slack.

Upon a task mention, the detail can be displayed in a Slack message for instance. Or the whole task can be copied from/to Asana, Jira, YouTrack or Basecamp upon a change.

Best suited for

Company size: startup, small, medium, individual teams in large companies and enterprises

Team size: 1-20

Project complexity: project tracking, team OKRs, an org chart, and a detailed task tracker

Industry: manufacturing, software development, any where there are work items, and products can be continuously improved