Save Unnecessary Clicks with Bookmarks

Martin Večeřa

One of our core values is to make Lumeer radically human. This goes in accordance with Accenture’s recent Future ready enterprise systems research. One of the core metrics is the time spent obtaining the desired information from the system. 

We measure that in the number of mouse clicks, because we are obsessed by unnecessary clicks!

We measured the most common scenarios and compared with the most prosaic solution — with spreadsheets that many of our clients have used in the past. We will describe the scenarios in some future posts, however, to give you a sneak peek in our kitchen — we were able to see improvements of 23% across various scenarios on average.

We take this very seriously and we make sure that Lumeer only introduces a super thin transparent layer on top of your business. Lumeer must be almost invisible. Your businesses are those changing the world!

There was a process that required an extra click with no added value. This was when changing between your mostly used views. The typical workflow was to click on the Lumeer icon to get to the home screen and selecting the other view. 

Now, the first click is removed with the beautiful bookmarks that are always available on the right side. You can literally create your own menu out of these bookmarks. Then they always take you to the right place. Just by a single click of a mouse!