Maximize Your Sales Efficiency.

Manage your sales leads, pipeline, and customer relationships in one visual, customizable place.

Your Data, Your Way

View your data through various lenses with multiple options, from calendars, timelines, and even map views.

Empowerment Through Automation

Automate repetitive tasks, saving time and energy for what truly matters – closing more deals.

Visualize Success

Get a high-level, customizable overview at a glance and make smarter, faster decisions.


Customizable Sales Pipeline

Visualize your next steps for swift deal closures. Quickly identify tasks that need immediate attention, upcoming responsibilities, and where deals are experiencing a delay.

Organizing anything

Streamlined Customer Journey

Lumeer provides a central, customizable platform to share information across your sales and customer success teams. Ensure consistent onboarding and foster direct collaboration with clients.


Craft Your Unique Flow

Dictate the use of your sales management software. Begin with our ready-made templates, or swiftly mold a workflow to meet your team’s demands.


Measure Success, Drive Growth

Leverage various reports to gauge your progress. From understanding how many deals are at each stage to tracking individual sales representative performance, we provide the insights you need to hit your targets.