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Martin Večeřa

Track your contacts. Never miss another opportunity.

Tracking contacts in our email account and deal pipeline in an spreadsheet CRM template (like Excel) might seem fast and easy at first but turns into chaos quickly. Full-blown CRM helped only partially and we lost the flexibility, so we still use helper spreadsheet.

The solution is a fully-functioning CRM that you can customize to your own needs easily and fast. No need to hire consultants or to be a developer.

A saying frequently heard and said in many businesses is “customer is king.” Why Is Customer Relationship Management So Important?

Take your customer relationship management to the next level store. Store, track and share all the information in one place.

This template combines companies and client contacts tracking, opportunities overview and their owners in your org chart, everything connected through activities with all these entities.

The template consists of five tables with the following structure.

crm template structure of work items

Save the contacts

Customer relationship management is a prerequisite to the success of any sales organization. Our Sales CRM template provides you with a real-time access to your accounts.

Keeping the contacts not only in your phone but also in Lumeer protects your valuable customer data against theft or loss. Plus you can easily share them with your coworkers. Connect the companies and contacts using linked tables.

use connected tables to see related items

Track the opportunities

Each member of your team can create a personalized view for the work they need to accomplish, without getting distracted by other accounts. Use a calendar view to quickly see past meetings requiring follow up or upcoming meetings requiring preparation.

Transforming opportunities into deals is the core part of every business. If you don’t want to miss any one of them, you should track them in one place. We recommend using a Kanban board view.

crm template tracks opportunities on a board

Plan the activities

With beautiful views, visual customer insights and reports you’ll love using a CRM template that’s just right for you. Sell your products, services, and ideas to a world that needs to hear what you have to say and give.

Look at the schedule and base your future decisions on how busy it is in a calendar or timelines.

Try the Template

Try the template right here1).

1) Some of the functions are available only after a registration.

Sales CRM Template Integrations

Due to Zapier integrations it is possible to connect your project tracking with the tools you already use, like Asana or Slack.

Upon a task mention, the detail can be displayed in a Slack message for instance. Or the whole task can be copied from/to Asana upon a change.

Best suited for

Company size: startup, small, medium, individual teams in large companies and enterprises

Team size: 1-90

Project complexity: companies and client contacts tracking, opportunities overview and their owners in your org chart, everything connected through activities with all these entities

Industry: any where there are customers or clients to track

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