Work anywhere, anytime.

Lumeer brings your team together so you can continue to collaborate, manage and track work in one easy-to-use platform, wherever you are.

Stay updated with timeline

Use views to check on the status of projects in a glance, stay informed during every stage.

Let automations work for you

Don’t waste time synchronizing. Automations give you more time to focus on the important things that matter most.

Stay informed from anywhere

Get a high-level overview in an instant and make smarter decisions, faster.


Collaborate across teams anywhere

Centralize all communication within the context of workflows and projects. Eliminate sync meetings and endless email chains to enable remote teams to stay productive.

Organizing anything
Keep everyone aligned

Map deadlines and timeline

Use timeline view to communicate clear deadlines and expectations, keeping everyone on your team aligned and motivated.

Stay on top of things

Get real-time updates

Keep everyone up to date and focused on the same goals. Receive real-time status updates, check project progress and easily share files with team members.


Remote ready in minutes

Get started with one of our ready-made templates to get your team onboarded quickly. Customize the platform to fit any and all of your needs, no coding required.

Remote ready

Pick a template, make it all yours!