Master Your Projects with Lumeer.

From simple task tracking to complex project portfolio management, Lumeer adapts to your needs.

Your Projects, Your Way

Tailor Lumeer’s flexible structure to fit your unique project requirements, track progress, and ensure deadlines are met with ease.

Support Your Business Goals

Stay competitive and aligned with evolving business objectives. Lumeer helps you keep your projects in line with your strategic vision.

Foster Enhanced Teamwork

In Lumeer, project communication is more than just task sharing. Foster a vibrant, collaborative environment with our integrated platform.

See the Full Picture

Comprehensive Project Overviews with Interactive Timelines

Achieve clarity with a holistic, up-to-date timeline of all your projects. Understand your work landscape at a glance.

Organizing anything
Manage with Precision

Assign Tasks and Monitor Progress Seamlessly

Empower your team with clear task ownership and monitor progress until completion. No detail is too small.

Deadline Mastery

Manage Deadlines with Confidence

Gain a clear vision of what’s next. Understand which tasks need immediate attention and which ones are on the horizon.

Insightful Reporting

Customizable Reports for Measured Progress

Leverage the power of custom reports. Understand task progress, resource allocation, and more, tailored to your needs.