Product Roadmap

Martin Večeřa

Plan new product or features and stay on course building amazing products.

Every great product needs a roadmap. Product managers, team members and stakeholders – they will all benefit from transparency and sharing of the information.

Plan the releases

Manage the releases, plan the dates and keep track of the status. Make everybody aligned with what’s coming and aware of the deadlines.

Manage the features

Start with the basic features, and then add even more in the upcoming releases. Create tasks for the features and assign work. 

Track the work

Use the built-in pivot tables and charts to track everything and create comprehensive reports for all levels of management.

Detailed description

Creating new software features for your product is exciting, but planning the feature roadmap — and keeping everyone on track — can sometimes be messy: plans don’t go as planned and the team is using many tools to communicate and track progress / needs.

When trying to translate business goals into a product strategy, many product managers rely on a product roadmap. Product roadmaps are an essential part of product management that keeps both internal stakeholders and external stakeholders informed with strategic direction.

Our Product Roadmap template will provide an agile tool for all types of product creation or development. From high-level, long-term product vision to the launch of a new product or new feature, this roadmap template enforces best practices while working toward your product goals. Keep the team and key stakeholders on the same page by tracking product features, company goals, and team members. Ambiguity reviews can be performed to eliminate any doubts. Timelines provide a visual roadmap for the product team that can be organized at the feature level. Product backlog can be tracked as team members submit new feature ideas into the feature list.