Make a difference with this easy product management tool.

Either waterfall or agile, Lumeer helps you to manage roadmaps, plans, requirements, and challenges from concept to completion in a single visual tool.

Centralize product vision

Teams must work in harmony to produce an amazing launch. Customize everything to your needs to set on a smooth sail. Collaborate and make your product a huge success.

Manage people wisely

There is never enough time for everything. It’s critical to maximize the output of your team. Use workload reporting to see who has availability, and reassign work as necessary. Let people see the big picture and understand their impact.

Accelerate delivery

Bring ideas from the drawing board into production, share plans across teams so requirements can be surfaced earlier to avoid rework. See the product grow in front of your eyes.

Stay on top of everything

Manage everything in one place

Organize everything – specs, opportunities, design assets, development tasks… Collaborate with your team members so that everyone is aligned, know where things stand and how they should move forward.

Organizing anything
Task management

Set priorities, statuses, and deadlines

Better product management leads to smoother execution. Plan your development iterations and monitor their progress.


Share the visual plan

Share roadmaps, plans, requirements, specs, design assets, reports and ideas with all departments in your organization in a single visual tool.


Track your progress with reports

Track task progress, and resource allocation with the chart view.


Pick a template, make it all yours!