Pivot Table View

Martin Večeřa

The Pivot Table View is the most advanced pivot table we are aware of. It can aggregate on multiple levels and sort items. Filtering is provided through Lumeer’s built-in query system.

pivot table view

Moreover, the Pivot Table View can handle attributes like dates in a natural way and offers you aggregations by months, days of week, hours of day and many more.

There are also some advanced configuration options for specific column types. In the case of duration, you can configure the maximal time unit used to aggregate the values (like hours, so that days and weeks are computed as hours).

pivot table view data aggregation

Available aggregation options are: unique values, count, average, minimum, maximum, and sum.

Pivot Table view also respects the visual representation of individual data columns – e.g. tags for selection, user icons, checkboxes etc.

Columns and rows can be sorted. It is also possible to display relative values – percentage of column, row, or all the values in the pivot table.

We have created a lot of useful material about Pivot Tables and how to work with them:

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