Organized Information

Martin Večeřa

Lumeer has the flexibility for you to organise your information (data) as you want.

There are organisations. An organisation typically represents a firm, a department, a business unit or a larger group in general.

Within organisations, there are projects. Each group can have multiple projects. Projects typically hold related information. In business, most information are related.

The typical setup is to have one project that keeps information relevant for multiple teams in the organisation. Individual teams then have their own projects.

In a project, there can be an unlimited amount of tables. The tables can be linked together.

Users can configure their own views of those tables using various visual perspectives like:

There can be an unlimited amount of views.

This setup provides an excellent versatility for your company specific data organisation workflows.

For more details on how data are structure in Lumeer, you can read the Basic principles guide.

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