Opening Your Data

Alica Kačengová

There are multiple ways how you can open data in Lumeer.

You can choose among them depending on the situation – whether you want to open a particular set of records, find a piece of information etc.

Home screen

On the home screen, there are views on the top. If you click on the name of the view, you enter it. 

If you scroll down the screen, you will also see tables and records. Or it may be quicker to click on Views, Tables or Records tab.

Search bar

From the search bar, you can also access views, tables and records. Start typing and Lumeer will give you suggestions. 

See Searching and filtering the data to find out more about Lumeer’s search and filter capabilities.


There is another shortcut – you can save frequently used views as bookmarks. This way, they will be only one click away from any screen.