New feature: Chart view

Alica Kačengová

Your data are not only tables, and neither is Lumeer!

Sometimes you need to change the view, the point of view if you will, and see your data in a chart rather than just a table for instance. Actually, lots of people coming from spreadsheets background had told us so. We are dedicated to creating the features you need, and this is why we present you with charts! Now you can find Chart among other views in the view dropdown:

There are currently three types of charts you can choose from: line, bar and pie, and you can easily switch between them and select attributes for axes:

You might be used to changing data in your Excel table and then looking at chart next to it to see how it changes. Each of the views in Lumeer can not only display but also change your data. Chart is not an exception – just drag the bars and the data will be automatically updated:

And don’t forget about the exports to .png files and other features you can find in the upper right corner:

Try it in Lumeer today and enjoy work with your data with shapes and colours!