Marketing Campaign Tracking Template

Martin Večeřa

A marketer kit to help you acquire users and build your brand.

Stop wasting time compiling spreadsheets to track your marketing campaigns, and spend more time doing what you love: coming up with new marketing ideas and generating new creative assets. This Marketing Campaign Tracking project template is perfect whether you are a small startup trying to make sure your digital marketing efforts get going smoothly or a large company who needs to track extensive ad campaigns with lots of components.

This template makes campaign tracking simple by letting you easily keep tabs on all the platforms your team relies on for marketing campaigns, whether you invest heavily in social media marketing, or spend more on Google AdWords and Facebook. The convenient URL builder also makes it easy to create and edit the perfect links with the UTM parameters of your choice.

You’ll get a holistic view of your marketing efforts from digital advertising to email marketing. Intuitively organize your Google Analytics results to easily see the effectiveness of different landing pages, and compare the sign-ups and pageviews from various traffic sources to clearly see which platforms to concentrate your energy on.

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