Map View

Martin Večeřa

The Map View displays addresses and geographical coordinates on a map. Multiple tables or sources of location can be used at the same time and mixed on a single map.

This is especially useful for locating several resources, like vehicles, warehouses, delivery addresses, remote employees, office locations etc.

map view settings

The detail of each item can be directly edited by a double click.

map view edit detail

The items on a map can be moved by a drag of a mouse. In the case of address fields, a new nearest address is assigned automatically.

map view move location

Worldwide address systems are supported.

Custom Layer in Map View

For specific cases, like very detailed maps of specific locations or buildings, it is possible to use you own layer in the map view. The layer is specified in the form of an address (URL) to the file.

Such use cases typically include tasks bound to a given location. These can be maintenance tasks, conference venue tasks, construction work etc.

In the image below, you can notice maintenance tasks on a conference venue map. The pins are colored according to the task state.

map view custom layer

We recommend using vector graphics (SVG) in map view for the best performance. However, JPG and PNG is also supported. The layer size limit is 20MB.

We also recommend checking the configuration of the CORS headers of the server hosting your map files.

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