Making the project public

Alica Kačengová

If sharing with colleagues from your organization is not enough and you want to share your Lumeer project with the world, you will definitely make use of the Public view feature. 

This way, you will be able to embed the project in any website, and if you are using WordPress, there is a Lumeer Embed plugin that makes it even easier. Have a look at our article about pivot tables to see it in action.

Everybody who can see the webpage will also be able to see the embedded project, and if they are a Lumeer user, they can copy it and work with it as if they have created it themselves.

How to make the project public

Navigate to the project settings and switch to the Public view tab. By default, it is turned off for all projects.

When you turn it on, a bunch of controls and options appears, including hints and descriptions.

In the lower part of the settings, you will find the script for embedding the project.