Issue Tracker

Martin Večeřa

Don't let any issue escape your attention. Organize and keep track of the work.

Mistakes always happen, even if you pay attention to quality. Log them and organize the work so that they can be fixed and soon as possible.

Log all the issues

Map the issues to the features they affect. Everybody will know what to work on first if you assign the issues and set the priorities.

Track the progress

No more emails or calls to find out the current status of the issue. Just look at the board and know the status of all issues.

Produce detailed reports

Use the pre-defined reports or add your own ones. It has never been easier to create a pivot table or a chart.

Detailed description

Itching for a better debugging process? This bug tracking system is ideal for IT departments, QA analysts, test engineers, or any fast-moving team that needs a collaborative issue tracker to keep them on task. Being cloud based and eminently flexible, it’s especially useful for software development teams who employ an agile development process or who want to build a custom workflow to better align with the intricacies of their product.

Use this bug tracker with your team members to easily delegate bug fixing and bug tracking projects.  Filter by priority to see the most critical issues first, or by status to see where progress is being made. Or, try filtering by the systems affected by your known bugs to prepare for potential customer complaints and provide stellar customer support.