Implementation Services

1. General conditions

All meetings are conducted primarily virtually with the help of dedicated tools. Meeting participants should attend individually and be equipped with headphones.

Predefined service packages have a fixed number of implementation days. One implementation day is 8 hours of work of one person. For example, if two employees work on a solution on the same day and each person works 8 hours, these are two implementation days.

Lumeer consultants can provide an overview of current implementation days usage upon request.

Unless stated otherwise, the implementation is delivered together with all documents in the English language.

2. General provisions

2.1. New application features

We are constantly developing and improving the application for you.

Your development ideas will be applied if they benefit most of our clients and are in line with the product development strategy. Our goal is to facilitate project management.

2.2. The Process of Cooperation

We will be grateful for open communication. We are entering the joint process of introducing new software to your company. It will be mutually beneficial for us to be informed about all important facts in a timely and open manner.

Communication takes place by email, remote meetings, telephone and in-person meetings. For successful delivery of the implementation, two-way operational communication is required, where each party responds quickly to the partner’s message. On our part, you can expect a response usually within two business days.

As part of the implementation, the consultant will cooperate with other internal departments. Especially with the support department.

If there is a situation where the support does not take care of you accordingly, be sure to let your consultant know. Your feedback is very important to us.

2.3. Prepaid Implementation Days, Informing the Client

The introductory table of the protocol indicates how many prepaid implementation days you have.

Usually the implementation is performed remotely. If you are interested in personal meetings, it is possible to organize personal meetings at the headquarters of s.r.o. within the prepaid implementation days.

If you are interested in personal meetings on your site, it is also possible to count travel costs and travel time from the fund of prepaid implementation days or it is possible to agree with the consultant to pay travel costs separately.

Billing of the trip to the client is either paid by a special invoice or taken from the implementation days – the entire time spent on the trip is paid.

Informing about the use of prepaid days takes place approximately in the middle of the used time and about five hours before the complete consumption of the prepaid time, together with a suggestion of how you will want to use the last hours.

2.3.1. Billable Activities

As part of the estimation of the number of implementation days, the following activities are calculated in particular. The amount of time spent on these activities corresponds to the number of prepaid implementation days. The lowest portion we charge is 1 hour.

  • Initial analysis (usually 1-2 hours)
  • Introductory remote meeting (usually 1 hour)
  • Setting up the application according to your requirements (time consumption corresponds to the complexity of requirements)
  • Training (minimum 2 – 4 hours)
  • Additional setup requirements
  • Support in the implementation and testing of the application (email, telephone)

Consumption of implementation days is typically based on the following activities:

  • Consultant time spent working on your implementation, setting up your application
  • Analysis of your requirements
  • Internal consultation to solve your requirements
  • Consultation on request
  • Preparation of various scenarios for solving your requirements
  • Development and updating of the implementation protocol
  • Implementation meetings and phone calls
  • Training of users and administrators
  • Email communication with a consultant
  • Organizing, arranging and scheduling meetings
  • Coordination of internal departments within various competencies in the provision of services (e.g. support)
  • Time of the consultant on the way to you (if not paid separately, see the first paragraph of this chapter)
  • Management and organization of the implementation project
  • If a certain behavior is reported as an error, but it is an inappropriate setting, the consultant’s time spent analyzing this request is taken from the implementation days.
  • Work of server specialists on your server
  • The work of server specialists on your requirements

During the implementation days, hours are not used for the following activities:

  • The work of the support department
  • Administration of possible application errors.

2.4. Increasing the fund of implementation days

An increase in the fund of implementation days is always possible only after your approval.

Rate for one implementation day €500 (or CZK 12,500). An increase in the number of implementation days is possible mainly for the following reasons:

  • The initial estimate of the required implementation days will prove to be insufficient after an initial detailed analysis. The consultant will provide you with a more accurate estimate of individual implementation activities, from which it is clear for which activities the original estimate needs to be increased.
  • If you want to be informed about consumption of the implementation days beyond the scope mentioned in the paragraph above.
  • Requirements cannot be met within the standard version of the application and custom development is required.
  • Support on your server was not taken into account in the estimated implementation days and this support is required.
  • Training beyond the normal range is required and this was not taken into account in the original estimate.
  • During the implementation, it is found that the number of prepaid days is not be enough to process all your requests.