Embedded Application

Martin Večeřa

Interactive content is usually a huge SEO boost. This is why it is possible to embed Lumeer into any website. Such an embedded application is fully functional version of Lumeer and your site visitors will be motivated to play with it and spend more time on your site.

Let’s hav a look at some typical use cases for embedded application such as Lumeer in a website.

Shopping List for Customers

Most companies in e-commerce and services can offer their customers a complete package of products or services. Or even related items.

Let’s take a wedding agency, or venue as an example. Such a company can typically offer a wide variety of products and services to the couple in love. From the catering through a photographer, music, wedding cake to securing the ceremony.

Or the company can have some things as subcontracts. Providing a full embedded application is a clear win-win for everybody.

Like a checklist of items to solve. Such a checklist with preconfigured recommended options can not only up-sell more services and goods but also gives a free added value for the customer.

The vendor promotes their goods and services and improves their SEO. The customer gets an added value that the competition does not offer.

See our Wedding Planner in action below. However, it is obviously missing the vendor specific customizations. Make a copy and publish it on your site.

There is even more in this project. You can manage venues, guests and vendors lists, track invitations and RSVPs, control budget, create to-do lists for bride, groom and assistants, collaborate on song lists and seating arrangements, list must-have photos and more.

Conference Calendar or Bookings Availability

Show the calendar of your conference or bookings of resources. So that your audience, customers, or visitors know the important what and when, and check that whenever and wherever they want.

Embedded application such as calendar or Gantt chart make that super easy.

embedded application gantt

Project Plan

You can publish a board with individual project tasks, customer tickets, requirements, your wish list… Anything that comes to your mind.

A view such as the Kanban board is well suited for that.

embedded application kanban

Status Report

Provide an updated status report to your customers, clients, suppliers, vendors, or employees.

Views such as a chart and pivot table provide excellent embedded application options.

Public Sector

Lumeer has some use cases for local municipalities for example.

Our specialized map view allows usage of custom map layers. This enables scenarios like Cemetery Management.

This project is in use by several cities and municipalities around the world.

Embedded Application Advantages

Think about ways how to deliver an added value to your customers or potential customers that visit your website. Customers are more and more demanding and standing out can give you a great competitive advantage.

There is rarely a business that could not add an embedded application to their website. If you are short on ideas or need a help with this, get in touch with us.

We are happy to help!