Editorial Calendar

Martin Večeřa

Plan the content. Keep track of new ideas.

Manage and plan all your content easily in one place. The less time you spend with administration, the more time you have for the creative work.

Manage the issues

Keep record of old issues and create new ones.

Track the progress

Control the status of the content. Approve drafts and decide which ideas are going to be worked on.

Plan everything

Use separate calendars for issues, articles and social posts. Or merge them together and see everything in one calendar.

Detailed description

No matter whether you plan a monthly digest of coffee beans, wine selection, blog posts or a magazine. Brainstorm ideas on the content, build individual issues or releases, compare content variants, categorize items, control the approval chain and plan subsequent marketing actions.

Take advantage of the different view options to check the status of editor picks as deadlines approach, and use the filters on individual themes to develop more focused content marketing strategies for each issue or release. And the search feature makes it simple to see your best performing selections of content that is really resonating with your audience.