Empower your client project management.

Simplify how you track your clients, their projects, invoices, and payments. Seamlessly plan internal tasks and manage team workload. Keep a finger on the pulse of every project, anytime, anywhere.

Create a Client-Centric Universe

Master the art of client relationship management. Keep tabs on all your client projects, tasks, billing, and interaction history to comprehensively understand each account.

Fuel Team Collaboration

Strategize team workload, streamline project collaboration, upload necessary files, and foster open communication. With Lumeer, everyone is on the same page.

Uncover Project Insights

Stay informed with vibrant, customizable views. Gain clarity about the status of your projects, work, and client relationships, and easily identify your next steps.

Organize to Optimize

Visualize Your Projects All in One Place

Get a birds-eye view of all your projects and tasks with your chosen view. Whether it’s Kanban, Calendar, Timeline, or Table view, Lumeer adapts to your preferences for optimal productivity.

Organizing anything
Time is of the Essence

Never Lose Sight of a Deadline

Proactively monitor all work items to prevent any from slipping through the cracks. Close deals successfully and keep tabs on the tasks due today, soon, or those overdue.

Account for Every Moment

Track Every Task Hour

Whether you bill or pay by the hour or wish to measure the time invested in each task and campaign, Lumeer enables seamless time tracking right where you manage your tasks.

Transparency for Trust

Keep Clients in the Loop

Foster trust with your clients by keeping them informed about the progress and priorities of their projects and tasks. Eliminate misunderstandings with Lumeer’s shareable reports.


Pick a template, make it all yours!