Chart View

Martin Večeřa

The Chart View has the same advanced data aggregation abilities as the Pivot Table View. It just displays the results in a chart. At the moment, this can be a line chart, a bar chart and a pie chart.

We are adding more chart types as per user requests. Bubble chart is planned in the near term.

There can be two independent Y axes in a line or bar chart and the chart is interactive. It can be zoomed or scrolled by mouse.

Even the data points can be directly moved by a drag of a mouse when they do not come from an aggregation of several values.

The chart can aggregate data across connected tables. It means that one table can contain the data sets and the other one can hold individual values for the data set. Multiple data sets can be displayed at once.

The Chart View can of course work with most data types like number, percentage, duration, date and time, selection, email, color and checkbox.

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