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The Death of Supply Chain Management The supply chain is the heart of a company’s operations. To make the […]

DevOps as an approach to software development has become widely established over the last nine years. Bringing the development […]

Update 28/10/2019: Lumeer now offers you a template for OKRs tracking. See new and extended version of this post […]

Recently we published a post about the Chart Perspective and today, we are pleased to announce the  Calendar Perspective! […]

Your data are not only tables, and neither is Lumeer! Sometimes you need to change the perspective, the point […]

Whether it is construction, manufacturing or digital services, supplier management appears in every business field. You need to track […]

We are all looking forward to Christmas and to time spent with our families. We probably don’t want to […]

As more and more data is processed by computers, the question of data security has become inherent to all […]

Update 26/07/2019: This post contains steps to set up and link tables in Lumeer in order to assign project […]

Few months ago, when we started creating Lumeer, we had to start from scratch. There was no solid base […]