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13. 12. 2017

How to easily manage townhall meeting resolutions and discussion

In a previous post, we learned how to use Lumeer’s smart document to create an invitation to a townhall meeting. […]

27. 11. 2017

How to create reusable invitation for local government meeting

Local governments of all sizes play an important role in every country’s life. They act as a man-in-the-middle between […]

20. 11. 2017

How to make sure that every candidate is contacted on time

When we post a wonderful job offer, chances are that there will be many candidates applying – with the […]

13. 11. 2017

How to view salaries summary in pivot table

Although we’ve already seen how to apply aggregate functions (e.g. sum, average) on all salaries in a post about […]

4. 11. 2017

How to show candidates on a map

We have already showed how to display data in calendar, but what if besides time dimension, our data also […]

28. 10. 2017

How to view and edit your data in calendar

In a post about creating a clear overview of job postings we gained a lot of insights into our […]

20. 10. 2017

How to create a comprehensive overview of job postings

Managing information about two or three job postings at your company is easy and can be done even in […]

3. 8. 2017

How did we set a vision for Lumeer

Few months ago, when we started creating Lumeer, we had to start from scratch. There was no solid base […]

17. 7. 2017

Are you a heavy spreadsheet user too?

81% companies use spreadsheets The rise of spreadsheets in early 80’s meant a revolution in a way how business […]

3. 7. 2017

There are better ways to use 50% of the time

As spreadsheets are easy to start with and learn, there is a huge number of businesses that use them […]