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Pivot Tables Cheatsheet
We are very proud to present you a Pivot Tables Cheatsheet that will help you with your pivot tables […]
Martin Večeřa
29. 2. 2020
Advanced filters in Lumeer – 4 real-world use cases
If you work with business data, you often analyse them in order to find a piece of information or […]
Alica Kačengová
12. 2. 2020
Ad hoc reporting: why do we need it in 2020?
Ad hoc reporting is a special category of reporting. To understand it well, let’s start with the simple reporting […]
Martin Večeřa
10. 2. 2020
Pivot Table Examples: An ultimate collection of 62 use cases for 2020 that make you excel in your job
We are very proud to present you an ultimate e-book with 62 Pivot Table Examples. In this e-book, you’ll […]
Martin Večeřa
6. 2. 2020
What is a Pivot Table and how to create it: complete guide for 2020 (from beginners to advanced with real world examples)
Our aim is to provide you with the simplest introduction and the easiest explanation of what is a Pivot […]
Martin Večeřa
31. 1. 2020
How to track progress of a project on a board – 4 tips
In the era of lists and tables, there is a simple trick to increase your productivity: Use a board! […]
Alica Kačengová
22. 1. 2020
CRM template as a replacement of an expensive tool
Lots of entrepreneurs admit that when they started their business, they only used email client for storing customer email […]
Alica Kačengová
2. 12. 2019
Save Unnecessary Clicks with Bookmarks
One of our core values is to make Lumeer radically human in accordance with Accenture’s recent Future ready enterprise […]
Martin Večeřa
21. 11. 2019
Template: OKRs
Every organization, small or big, has to make sure that everybody is on the same track in order to […]
Alica Kačengová
28. 10. 2019
Why custom workflows make your team more efficient?
Introduction It is relatively easy to track work progress if you work alone or in a very small team. […]
Alica Kačengová
21. 10. 2019
Attribute types: Duration
In the introduction to attribute types, we mentioned an example with the duration of the event, and that it […]
Alica Kačengová
16. 10. 2019
Attribute types: Date
This is the third post in the series about Attribute types in Lumeer. In the first post, we introduced […]
Alica Kačengová
14. 10. 2019
An Easy Insight on a Team Members Utilisation
You might not only be a business offering contractors to have employees working on multiple projects at the same […]
Martin Večeřa
6. 10. 2019
Codes, IDs, indexes… are not dead!
Gone are the days when computers needed all information to be indexed with a number. Well not gone, but […]
Martin Večeřa
2. 10. 2019
Attribute types: number and percentage
This is the second post in the series about Attribute types in Lumeer. In the first post, we introduced […]
Alica Kačengová
24. 9. 2019
Attribute types: give meaning to your data
When we think and process data from outside world in our brains, we automatically use different processes depending on […]
Alica Kačengová
23. 9. 2019
How to add a guest to a project?
While managing a project, you might run across the need to have a temporary contractor and yet you need […]
Martin Večeřa
22. 9. 2019
5 Project Management Methodologies and Their Risks: Part 2 – Agile
As we stated in the first part about Waterfall, we are going to investigate the most popular project management […]
Martin Večeřa
8. 9. 2019
Efficient date and time handling – employees efficiency on a punchcard
In many systems, time is either just a piece of text or, in the better case, something that you […]
Martin Večeřa
6. 9. 2019
5 Project Management Methodologies and Their Risks: Part 1 – Waterfall
We would like to welcome you to our series about project management methodologies. There are 3 parts in total […]
Martin Večeřa
28. 8. 2019
Template: Candidates coordination
The job market is a very dynamic environment and statistics show that the time people spend at one job […]
Alica Kačengová
14. 8. 2019
Template: Supply chain management
With globalization and expansion of industry all around the world, supply chain is something that most companies cannot avoid […]
Alica Kačengová
7. 8. 2019
Template: Energy management
Whatever you read that is at least distantly related to productivity, you hear that time management is a key […]
Alica Kačengová
22. 7. 2019
Template: Work tracker
Nowadays, more and more organizations work on multiple projects at the same time. Some projects don’t require all the […]
Alica Kačengová
12. 7. 2019
What’s the difference between a Project Manager and a Product Manager?
This is a frequently asked question as the very close role names cause confusion. These two roles are most […]
Martin Večeřa
25. 6. 2019
How to create a Pivot Table in a few clicks
A pivot table can reveal some secrets not visible in your data at the first sight. This is why […]
Martin Večeřa
24. 6. 2019
The AI Trends in Supply Chain Management
The Death of Supply Chain Management The supply chain is the heart of a company’s operations. To make the […]
Martin Večeřa
15. 6. 2019
DevOps to NoOps with AI in 2019
DevOps as an approach to software development has become widely established over the last nine years. Bringing the development […]
Martin Večeřa
20. 5. 2019
How to track your goals with OKRs
Update 28/10/2019: Lumeer now offers you a template for OKRs tracking. See new and extended version of this post […]
Alica Kačengová
15. 4. 2019
New feature: Calendar Perspective
Recently we published a post about the Chart Perspective and today, we are pleased to announce the  Calendar Perspective! […]
Alica Kačengová
20. 3. 2019
New feature: Chart perspective
Your data are not only tables, and neither is Lumeer! Sometimes you need to change the perspective, the point […]
Alica Kačengová
6. 3. 2019
How to track and manage your suppliers
Whether it is construction, manufacturing or digital services, supplier management appears in every business field. You need to track […]
Alica Kačengová
14. 1. 2019
Create Christmas wishlist in Lumeer
We are all looking forward to Christmas and to time spent with our families. We probably don’t want to […]
Alica Kačengová
3. 12. 2018
How secure are your data in Lumeer?
As more and more data is processed by computers, the question of data security has become inherent to all […]
Alica Kačengová
9. 10. 2018
How to track tasks for employees?
Update 26/07/2019: This post contains steps to set up and link tables in Lumeer in order to assign project […]
Alica Kačengová
25. 9. 2018
How did we set a vision for Lumeer
Few months ago, when we started creating Lumeer, we had to start from scratch. There was no solid base […]
Alica Kačengová
3. 8. 2017
Are you a heavy spreadsheet user too?
81% of companies use spreadsheets The rise of spreadsheets in early 80’s meant a revolution in a way how […]
Alica Kačengová
17. 7. 2017
There are better ways to use 50% of the time
As spreadsheets are easy to start with and learn, there is a huge number of businesses that use them […]
Alica Kačengová
3. 7. 2017
Do you accept 94% probability of an error?
It is an undeniable fact that spreadsheets are one of the most frequently used types of software. Just Excel […]
Alica Kačengová
16. 6. 2017
The Excel half-life – how quickly your data crash?
It often starts with a simple task – to create a small report in a spreadsheet. You know that […]
Alica Kačengová
4. 6. 2017
How do you search for your data in company IS?
“I need to look up that information.” This situation comes countless number of times every day and it’s not […]
Alica Kačengová
30. 5. 2017