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20. 5. 2019

DevOps to NoOps with AI in 2019

DevOps as an approach to software development has become widely established over the last nine years. Bringing the development […]

15. 4. 2019

How to track your goals with OKRs

Every organization, small or big, has to make sure that everybody is on the same track in order to […]

20. 3. 2019

New feature: Calendar Perspective

Recently we published a post about the Chart Perspective and today, we are pleased to announce the  Calendar Perspective! […]

6. 3. 2019

New feature: Chart perspective

Your data are not only tables, and neither is Lumeer! Sometimes you need to change the perspective, the point […]

14. 1. 2019

How to track and manage your suppliers

Whether it is construction, manufacturing or digital services, supplier management appears in every business field. You need to track […]

3. 12. 2018

Create Christmas wishlist in Lumeer

We are all looking forward to Christmas and to time spent with our families. We probably don’t want to […]

9. 10. 2018

How secure are your data in Lumeer?

As more and more data is processed by computers, the question of data security has become inherent to all […]

25. 9. 2018

How to track tasks for employees?

When multiple employees work on multiple projects, even in a small company it can easily happen that you lose […]

29. 12. 2017

How to reuse document with townhall meeting invitation

As we have already created a document with a townhall meeting invitation and extended it with resolutions and municipality […]

20. 12. 2017

How to effectively search and publish townhall meeting’s resolutions

In previous posts, we created invitation to a townhall meeting and added minutes and comments. The collections are now […]