Calendar View

Martin Večeřa

The Calendar View displays items in a calendar, and an agenda (list). These can be events, tasks, bookings, deadlines, order arrivals etc.

Multiple types of items from various tables can be mixed in a single calendar giving the big picture and detailed overview of the whole situation.

The items can span several days and can be moved by a simple mouse drag.

calendar overview

New items can be added by clicking anywhere in the calendar, existing items can be updated in their full detail by double clicking on them.

event details

The calendar allows various levels of granularity (months, weeks, days, task list). When opening a Calendar view, it can automatically scroll to today or to the last saved position.

calendar and agenda view

The agenda view (as shown above), can be very efficient when fulfilling orders, one by one in a timely manner. Or to simply view your whole day agenda.

A special feature allows using column groups in the Calendar view. This is useful when comparing calendar of various people, teams, resources etc.

For example, in our Wedding Planning Template, the calendar groups are used to display actions of individual wedding guest groups.

calendar with column groups

The same event can be present in multiple columns if it affects the same groups.

Integrations allow synchronization with other calendar applications.

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