Attribute types: Duration

Alica Kačengová

Duration allows you to enter and display time intervals in a human-friendly way.

When you are setting the type to Duration, you can further configure its behaviour by changing time scope. 

There are two pre-set configurations:

  • Normal – week has 7 days and day has 24 hours
  • Work – week has 5 workdays and workday has 8 hours

If you choose Custom configuration, you can set how many days are in a week and how many hours are in a day.

When you enter the duration, Lumeer automatically saves it in an optimal format – e.g. if you enter 25h, it is saved as 3d1h (if time scope is set to Work) or 1d1h (if time scope is set to Normal).

Because Lumeer understands duration values, he can perform aggregations on them in pivot table view.