Are you a heavy spreadsheet user too?

Alica Kačengová

81% of companies use spreadsheets

The rise of spreadsheets in early 80’s meant a revolution in a way how business data is stored, processed, analyzed and presented. Suddenly, there was no need to use physical sheets, because everything could be stored in a set of tables that were more flexible, more understandable and could effectively perform useful calculations. In those days, it had to look almost like a miracle.

VisiCalc, the first widely used spreadsheet software [ source ]

Since then, spreadsheets became the first choice when it comes to working with data in many business. They are easy to start with, offer a lot of flexibility and even unexperienced and non-professional users can use it as a sandbox to experiment with their data. It is quite usual to have some data in advance and no idea what do we want to search for in these data.

Also, since then, the times they are a changin’. The amount of data entered into spreadsheets grow and they are becoming more and more complex. However, their functionality and possibilities are not growing so fast and are now imposing significant limitations on their usage. But the spreadsheets are so hard-wired into the minds of people that they continue to be used even if they are error-prone and difficult to manage – there is a report that reads: 81% of businesses still use spreadsheets.

The question we ask ourselves is: Why do people continue using spreadsheets instead of turning to other solutions? We are convinced the answer is that it’s because there is no product on the market that would meet all their needs. Either they are too complex, too expensive or the learning curve is so steep that it requires hours and days of specialized training. We want to change that with Lumeer, so that you can manage your data effectively and intuitively, without adapting your habits and processes to software, and without expensive and time-consuming training. We provide you with an environment to experiment with your data the way you want but without constraints imposed by spreadsheets. Just simple as that.