Managing agile sprints with ease.

Lumeer helps you to manage your sprint planning, roadmaps, bugs, and tasks all in one place.

Easy and powerful

Work from a single tool, share knowledge, and make your team more efficient. Track your sprint planning, roadmaps, bugs, and tasks. Start projects off the right foot. Avoid rework and duplicated work. Know where things stand.

Real-time visibility

Bring complete transparency into the team status. Know where everything stands. Identify problems early and monitor progress without having to ask for updates.

Accelerate results

Deliver results faster by shortening planning time, improving hand-offs, reducing rework, and eliminating unnecessary meetings.


Create and track your roadmap

Build a roadmap and manage all your stories, tasks, and bugs in a single view. Collaborate with your team to prioritize things together.

Organizing anything

Stay on top of your sprints

Immediately know where you stand, and what you should do next. Add all relevant information about each task so nothing will be forgotten, and track everything on a board (Kanban) view.

Customize anything

Fit the flows and the processes to your needs

Every team manages their sprints and tasks a bit differently. Lumeer lets you customize almost anything easily: use out-of-the-box templates and adjust them to fit your workflow.


Track your progress with reports

Track sprint progress, capacity, and effort. Use the reports to manage and improve your team’s performance.


Pick a template, make it all yours!

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We analyzed the time saved by our users when they switched to Lumeer. That is more than 52 days every year!

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