We help humanity thrive by empowering teams to achieve great things through transparent and effortless collaboration.

Productivity and Efficiency

We love productivity and efficiency. We believe in working smarter, making no compromise or introducing workarounds. We want to achieve great results with as little mouse clicks as possible. We believe that people should work with tools that are pleasure to work with, radically human and understand the needs.

Work together

Lumeer was founded with the great mission to create the single, easy, visual, smart and beautiful work management platform. So that spreadsheets are no longer in the business.

Teams around the world use Lumeer to collaborate together to achieve huge results that a single person could never complete during their lifetime.

Dictate of Software

Software shouldn’t dictate how YOU work — you should dictate how IT works.

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Effortless Communication

There’s just too many tools to keep track of. There has to be a better way to work – that’s why we created Lumeer. To remove confusion and communication deficiencies so that the world becomes more productive.


20% of Time Back

Eventually, our goal is to have all work live in Lumeer – thereby making people more productive and giving back at least 20% of time to dedicate to other things. One app to replace them all.

Work life balance

Do you find our mission compelling?