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Lumeer is a flexible tool for complex business management that covers all your needs. It can replace other tools for ERP, CRM, HR, project management, inventory management and more.

All tables at one place


Table with business trips at the accountant, table with wages at the assistant, table with commissions at the sales director – everybody creates tables nowadays. And everybody uses a different format. In Lumeer, you get them all at a single place, connect with relations and clean up the data.

Just a few clicks to edit the output


When you want to update your chart in Excel or a calendar, you need to search for the source data first, and then modify them. In Lumeer, you can edit the chart or calendar directly. The source data are updated automatically.

An application that is familiar to you


Working with Lumeer is as intuitive as working with a pen and a piece of paper. You can get a firm grip on it in a few minutes. We have created a beatiful user interface that even a beginner can create any required report. And you don't need analytical thinking for that.

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What can
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Linked tables

Use enhanced spreadsheets

Lumeer allows you to take your existing spreadsheets and import them as well as create new ones from scratch. It is possible to link tables so that you don't need to copy columns and can update multiple files with a single change. Later, you can share your tables with colleagues. You can specify who can read which rows, who can edit them, or who can just add new records. With each change, it is possible to find who and when made it. Comments are available for rows to discuss changes.

Data shown on a map

View data in a natural way

Tables themselves rarely provide a good visual image of data stored in them. In Lumeer, you can easily switch to a different view of your data – to a calendar (when there is a column with date), to a map (when there is an address), to a Gantt chart (when there is a duration), in chart (when there are any numbers), in an agile board and others.

Search for data in Lumeer

Provide one up-to-date and continuous source of truth

It has become clear that a unified collaboration environment and access to all available information under the single roof are critical to drive productivity and engagement. One of the most important changes is delivering a single experience for creating, communicating about, and organizing business data. Organizations that implement an effective business intelligence platform will have a distinct advantage in today’s highly competitive business environment.
Lumeer is like Google for your data where you can immediately find answers to all your questions in a matter of seconds.

Collecting of quarterly bonuses

Efficient collaboration on a click of a button

The old approach of doing the actual work outside of the collaboration platform and then uploading it introduces many problems: multiple versions of work, difficulty in identifying the latest version, and no single repository for all the information to support the project.
Lumeer delivers a next-generation collaboration platform that automates the key features like collecting sensitive data in a hierarchical organization (e.g. quarterly employee bonuses) on a click of a button. The result is that organizations of all types and sizes can now realize important business benefits that will enable greater levels of success.

Visual data editing in chart

The whole workforce becomes citizen business analysts

Employees want tools and solutions that support current business models. They want the customization, reliability, and intuitive design they’re accustomed to getting from the apps they use in their personal lives.
Lumeer enables intuitive data handling operations in visual forms where natural gestures can be used to directly manipulate the values (e.g. drag of a mouse). This makes Lumeer VR-ready.


super-easy user interface

one stop shop for all company data

connects siloed teams

flexible in its capabilities

immediate and up-to-date insights

Lumeer is the easiest application for business management

Lumeer allows efficient and user friendly way to create, share, communicate about, and update all your company data. Your whole team is enabled to deliver with an ease of surfing a social network.



October 9th 2018

How secure are your data in Lumeer?

Lumeer data architecture

As more and more data is processed by computers, the question of data security has become inherent to all users. For business users it is even more important to know that their valuable data are secure.

September 25th 2018

How to track tasks for employees?

Lumeer application with basic collections list

When multiple employees work on multiple projects, even in a small company it can easily happen that you lose track of who is doing what and on which project. However, it is very important to have quick and easy access to this kind information: you want to know progress on a...

December 29th 2017

How to reuse document with invitation

Smart document in Lumeer

As we have already created a document with a townhall meeting invitation and extended it with resolutions and municipality members’ comments, we now want to reuse the template for the next meeting so we won’t have to do the same work again.

Work Smarter with Data you Create.

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